Noah Series 22.5W Power Bank 10000mAh Built-in Cable (Lightning/Type-c) VVITEC focuses on providing a wide variety of 3C accessories that are both stylish and unique in design. Our MoDodo Noah...

Noah Series 22.5W Power Bank 10000mAh Built-in Cable (Lightning/Type-c)

VVITEC focuses on providing a wide variety of 3C accessories that are both stylish and unique in design. Our MoDodo Noah Series 22.5 W, Power Bank allows charging your modern smartphones with both Lightning and Type-C cables.

  • This USB portable charger has a USB-A (10W) input cable for directly charging the power bank itself, as well as three different output cables (a PD 20W charge iPhone connection, a PD 18W Type C output cable, and a 12W Micro output cable). You can charge most cell phones straight without needing to bring any additional cables thanks to this 4-in-1 20000mAh battery pack. (It's important to remember that this is a single 20000mAh power bank, not a two-pack)
  • Power source that can be carried around the PD 22.5W USB-A port allows power supply, and it comes with built-in cables. 3.0 quick charge, which just needs 30 minutes to fully recharge an iPhone or Samsung to 60%. Input USB-C port, max power output 18W. In just 6 hours, this 20000mAh power bank can fully recharge a portable phone charger, allowing you to spend less time waiting and more time using your newfound free time.
  • This quick charging power bank can keep looking brand new for a very long time thanks to its non-slip and anti-scratch exterior design. The power wire on the right side of the backup battery pack can be used as a lanyard to secure the bank to a suitcase or other item while you're on the go. Extending it reveals a micro USB port, which can be used to charge an Android device.
  • Integrated 20000 mAh battery power bank with cable for charging. In comparison, the iPhone 13 needs 25 charges, the AirPods Pro only 4, and the Samsung S20 only 3.3. Battery charger that is portable, works with a wide variety of smart devices, has built-in cable and connector, and can charge up to four gadgets at once. With the help of the precise LED display, you can always see how much juice is left.
  • High-quality smart chips in this external battery power bank prevent your electronics from short-circuiting, over-currenting, over-volting, and overheating.

Product Name

  • Built-In Cables Type-C & Lightning Fast Charge Cable
  • Convenient and portable charger, built in type-C and lightning cable, both of them support fast charging, no need to bring external cables.
  • iPhone PD20W
  • Match with Apple fast charge protocol
  • Huawei 22.5W With 5A Cable
  • Extra Two USB Port:
    • -Type-C Output & Input 18W(Max.)
    • -USB Port Output 22.5W (Max.)
  • One For Three Devices Charge Sync
  • Support three devices at the same time with type-c cable + Lightning cable + USB Port.
  • LED Digital Display Clear Battery Capacity
  • Electroplating bright surface process with hidden digital display design, super sense of technology, you can check the charging status any time.
  • 10000mAh High Capacity
  • No worry about running out of battery when you go out with our 10000mAh power bank.
  • Safe & Quality Polymer Lithium Battery
  • With Phone Bracket:
    Built in phone bracket, easy fix the phone and free your hands when playing phone and charging at the same time.
  • Layard Design:
    Layard design, convenient to carry and hang on bags.
  • TPE Soft Wire:
    Durable and strong, bending resistance test over 10000+ times.
  • Recessed Storage:
    Tight cable bukle, simple and good for store.
  • Independent Button:
    Check battery capacity, more convenient to use.
  • On-Board Safety Standard:
    Compliant with international air transport standarts, no worry to carry on board.
  • Extensive Fast Charging Compatibility:
    Support PD3.0/ QC3.0/FCP/SCP/VOOC/AFC/ etc. fast charging protocols.