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The cupholder, driver window, CD slot, magnetic vehicle holder, vent, dashboard, and windshield are the best places to fix mobile holders in your car. However, you should choose the one among all these options which better suits your needs and comfort. To learn more about it, keep your eyes reading!

What Are The Best Places To Attach The Smartphone Holder In Your Car?

Driving while using a mobile without a proper holder is not only inconvenient but also unsafe. To ensure a hands-free and secure driving experience, finding the right place to attach your mobile holder to the car is essential. So, here is the list of locations to help you decide where you can mount your mobile holder.


Let's begin our exploration of the benefits of having a phone holder in the car with a classic and versatile spot – the cupholder. Many modern mobile holders, equipped with adjustable bases, seamlessly integrate into cupholders. This strategic placement offers a convenient solution, ensuring your phone is within easy reach without obstructing your view of the road. With a dedicated phone holder in your car, you enhance safety and accessibility, allowing you to stay focused on the drive while still having your device readily available for navigation, calls, and other essential functions.

Driver Window

For a straightforward setup, you can attach your mobile holder to the driver's side window. This position allows for easy accessibility without taking your eyes too far off the road. However, you should ensure the holder provides a secure grip to prevent any unwanted phone drops during turns or stops.

A CD Slot

If your car still has a CD player that's collecting dust, you can use it by using a mobile holder that can fit into the CD slot. This placement is both functional and space-efficient, utilizing an often-unused area for a hands-free driving experience.

A Magnetic Vehicle Holder

Magnetic holders are a game-changer for those who prefer a minimalist and versatile solution. So, mount a magnetic plate on the back of your phone or its case and attach it effortlessly to a magnetic holder placed on your dashboard. Isn’t it quick, simple, and adjustable?

A Vent

If you opt for a vent-mounted mobile holder, it keeps your phone within your line of sight without interrupting your view of the road. It's a cool and breezy solution that also ensures your device stays cool during warmer days.

The Dashboard

The dashboard is a classic location for fixing a mobile holder in your car. You can choose a sturdy holder that can be securely attached to the dashboard, providing easy access to your phone's navigation and other features. Just be mindful not to obstruct any essential controls or the driver's view.

The Windshield

Last but not least, the windshield offers an extensive and easily viewable space for a mobile holder. So, ensure the holder is securely attached and doesn't hinder your field of vision. This placement is perfect for those who want their phone prominently displayed while driving.

Why Does It Matter At All?

Let's delve into why choosing the best spot for phone holders matters and how it contributes to a safer driving experience.

  • Visibility Matters

Choosing a location that allows you to glance at your phone without taking your eyes off the road is crucial. Windshield and dashboard placements provide excellent visibility, ensuring you can stay informed without compromising safety.

  • Accessibility For Convenience

The purpose of a mobile holder is to make your life easier on the road. So, opt for a spot that allows you to access your phone effortlessly, whether it's for navigation, changing music, or taking calls. Cupholders, vents, and CD slots offer convenient locations within arm's reach.

  • Safety First!

Safety should always be a top priority while driving. Ensure that the chosen mobile holder placement doesn't obstruct your view of essential controls, mirrors, or the road itself. A securely mounted holder reduces the risk of distractions or accidents.

  • Consider Your Driving Habits

Think about where your eyes naturally fall while driving and choose a spot that aligns with your habits. If you frequently check your side mirrors, a vent or cupholder placement might be ideal. For those who rely on the dashboard display, a dashboard or windshield mount may be more suitable.

If you want to buy the best mobile holders, you should consider VVITEC, as we provide reliable, affordable, and only the best-quality phone accessories for your digital needs. 


In conclusion, it’s important to choose the best place to fix a mobile holder in the car. Wherever you choose, it actually depends on your preferences and driving style. You can experiment with different placements to find what works best for you, ensuring a seamless and secure driving experience. Drive safely and stay connected!


Can I use a mobile holder for my car?

While many mobile holders are unique, it's essential to choose one that suits your car model and the desired placement. Consider factors like size, adjustability, and compatibility with your phone.

Are magnetic holders safe for my phone?

Magnetic holders are safe when used correctly. Ensure the magnetic plate is securely attached to your phone or case, and follow the manufacturer's instructions for optimal usage.

Will a vent-mounted holder block the airflow to my phone?

Most vent-mounted holders allow airflow to your phone, preventing overheating. However, it's essential to monitor your phone's temperature, especially during warmer days.


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