Yesido Chargers CAR CHARGER "Type-c To Type-c 1.5M 100W" "Bluetooth to FM Convert LED light USB 3.0 + PD 20W Max 43W can read U-Stick and TF card" VVITEC focuses...

Yesido Chargers CAR CHARGER "Type-c To Type-c 1.5M 100W" "Bluetooth to FM Convert LED light USB 3.0 + PD 20W Max 43W can read U-Stick and TF card"

VVITEC focuses on providing a wide variety of 3C accessories that are both stylish and unique in design. Yesido Chargers present the latest and greatest in car charging technology - the Type-c to Type-c 1.5M 100W car charger! Made with high-quality ABS and aluminium alloy, this charger is built to last and keep your devices charged on the go.

  • The charger is equipped with Bluetooth to FM convert and LED light features, making it not only a charging solution but also a multimedia entertainment system for your car.
  • The charger is also equipped with a USB 3.0 port and a PD port that can read U-Stick and TF cards, which makes it a versatile and convenient tool for your everyday life.
  • This car charger is designed with a Type-c to Type-c 1.5M cable, which delivers 100W of power, making it one of the most powerful car chargers available. The USB 3.0 port can provide up to 20W of power, while the PD port can deliver up to 43W of power, making this car charger capable of charging multiple devices simultaneously.
  • The LED light feature is a great way to find your charger in a dark car, and the Bluetooth to FM convert feature is a great way to enjoy your music or other audio content in your car.
  • Overall, the Yesido Chargers Type-c to Type-c 1.5M 100W car charger is the perfect accessory for anyone who is always on the go and needs to keep their devices charged. With its sleek and stylish design, high-quality materials, and powerful charging capabilities, this car charger is a must-have for anyone who values innovation and convenience. So why wait? Get your Yesido Chargers car charger today and start charging your devices with ease!

Product Name

  • QC3.0+PD Smart Fast Charge:
    Dual USB+PD interface design, listening to songs and charging can be done at the same time
  • HD Lossless Audio Decoding:
    Support MP3/FLAC/WMA/APE format
  • Colorful breathing atmosphere lights matched with the atmosphere in the car, add mood to night listening
  • Compatible with various brands of U disk/TF card, adjust the frequency of the car radio to the same as that of the wireless MP3, then you can play U disk songs
  • Suitable for mainstream 12V-24V models on the market, universal for truck/truck/SUV, compatible with Android/Apple
  • Intelligent Digital Display Voltage Detection:
    Real-time monitoring of battery, the voltage status is clear at a glance, protection at all times, safer driving
  • Wireless 5.0 stable transmission
  • Power off memory play function:
    Automatically reconnect after power on, memorize frequency /track, restart after power failure, start playing from the disconnected song
  • Specifications:
  • Model:
  • Support extension:
    U disk/TF card≤32G (not include)
  • Ambient Light:
    Neon colorful atmosphere lights
  • Operating:
  • Output voltage:
  • Wireless version:
    Wireless 5.0
  • Product Size:
  • Transmit frequency:
  • Input current:
    3.1A (dual USB smart current)
  • Product net weight:
  • Bluetooth distance:
    About 10m
  • Package included:
    1 x Car Charger
  • Other items not include