Portable Outdoor Wireless Speaker - YX Series BT5.0

  • 360° surround sound, BT 5.0 sensitive response.
  • Support grouping 2 speakers in series, enjoy impressive sound.
  • Built-in 1800mAh rechargeable battery, plays up to 8 hours.
  • IPX6 water-resistant design, durable & suitable for outdoors.
  • Quantity:

    US-YX008 Portable Outdoor Wireless Speaker - YX Series BT5.0


    • With its two wide bass passive radiators and 25w of stereo audio drivers, Surgeboom 2 flawlessly realises stereo sound effect at high volume. If you want to experience true surround sound, you'll need to buy two of the same Bluetooth 5.0 speakers because it supports TWS.
    • The SOWO-created BASSBOOM technology boosts bass by 28% compared to the original setup, making for a more satisfying listening experience overall.
    • (Sophisticated Fabric with Vibrant RGB Lights) - There are also two cool LED lights with a 256-step brightness display on the radiator. Put on a light show with our bluetooth wireless speakers (Lights can be turned off according to your needs).
    • The internal 5000mah super electric vehicle battery allows for 16 hours of continuous streaming duration and can be recharged over a thousand times without degrading in performance. Longer battery life—by a factor of 3–4 compared to the typical rechargeable battery found in speakers—means a longer amount of time spent in use. Let's rock out from morning 'til night!
    • Compact and lightweight [IP6 DUSTPROOF AND IPX7 WATERPROOF]. Easy to pack up in a suitcase or strap on the back of a bike, it can be taken anywhere and used for anything from taking a bath to going boating, golfing, bicycling, hiking, and camping.