Type-C In-ear Earphone 1.2m

  • High-resolution composite diaphragm, excellent sound quality
  • Audio/call intelligent wire control, more convenient operation
  • Diagonal into the ear at 45°, wear firmly and prevent falling off
  • Selected TPE cable, strong and durable
  • Quantity:

    SJ452 EP-41 TYPE-C In-ear Earphone 1.2m

    • Use these in-ear earphones to get sound that's almost as good as the real thing. It helps create an atmosphere where you can lose yourself in the music.

    • Superior strength and lasting durability thanks to well selected TPE cable - VVITEC's EP-41 headphones are made using TPE, a material that's been shown to be more robust and long-lasting than other options on the market.

    • These headphones have a TYPE- C jack, so they may be used with any device that uses that standard for its audio output, including Samsung, Xiaomi, Redmi, etc.

    • Our EP-41 model is created such that they fit snugly and prevent coming off by angling at 45 degrees into the ear.

    • These headphones have a wired remote that can be used to play and pause music, take and end conversations, and change songs while you're on the go.