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Investing in the right screen protector for your phone may not guarantee to protect your phone’s screen every time you drop it to the floor or hit it somewhere but it adds an extra layer of protection to prevent it from breaking as explained by the experts working at the best mobile phone accessory store

Breaking the phone’s screen is a common phone damage that most of us have gone through at least once in our life, or we know at least one person with a broken phone screen. This confirms that breaking the phone screen is something that happens a lot, while we cannot completely make the phone screen breakage proof but still we can take steps to prevent it from breaking, and we can do this by investing in the right screen protector. 

Getting your phone’s screen replaced is not something that is cheap and therefore must be avoided. Not only this but it also hard to find high-quality phone screens. But by getting the right screen protector for your phone, you can make your phone’s screen last longer than expected. However, you must not that, just like the hard phone cases, screen protectors are prone to damage too and must be taken care of. 

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What Factors You Shall Consider When Looking For A Screen Protector? Explained By The Experts At The Best Mobile Phone Accessory Store

Size Matters The Most

It is very important for you to make sure that the screen protector that you are selecting for your phone fits it perfectly, and by size, the experts are not only referring to the fitting of the protector on the screen but the cutouts made for the flashlight, home screen buttons etc. to ensure it is comfortable to use your phone with the screen protector on. Therefore, according to the advice of the experts at the phone accessories shop in London, you must only purchase the screen protector that is designed specifically for your phone model. 

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The Material of the Protector

After carefully considering the size of the protector, you may move on to the material consideration. We have listed some of the common materials below so you are aware of what to look for when purchasing a screen protector for your phone. 


Thermoplastic (TPU) and Polyethene terephthalate (PET) are protectors that are made from glass. They are of 0.10 mm and offer touch sensitivity and clarity. They are considered to be durable as they do not tend to bend, break or chip and its is rates as 3H on the pencil hardness scale. The rate shows that these protectors have little resistance from impact but are resistant to scratches. 

  • InvisiGlass Ultra

These protectors are designed specifically to be used for phones that are vulnerable to impacts and hard drops. They are manufactured with the single-ion exchange which ensures that the protector offers more protection while also not compromising on the touch sensitivity and screen clarity. Another great feature about this protector is that it has the antifinger print feature which makes sure that the phone remains clean and clear.

  • Tempered Glass

These are the screen protectors that are demanded the most. These protectors have a high wear and tear value and offers good protection from unexpected hard drops. On the pencil hardness scale, these protectors are rates as 9H. Not only this but they are also cheap, hence purchasing a tempered screen protector is the best option that you have according to the mobile accessories online shopping experts.

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  • Ultra Glass

They are the most advanced screen protectors and offer the highest level of screen protection as they offer double the protection than the tempered glass protectors. These protectors are sim, hard, clear and also touch resistant. 

So this is everything that you must know about screen protectors in order to purchase the right one for your phone as explained by the experts at the best mobile phone accessory store. If you would like to purchase phone accessories from us and check out the variety that we have available, you may visit our website.


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